måndag 1 juni 2020

Running MySQL on Kubernetes - deployment using persistent volumes

In this demo we are setting up one MySQL Server using k8s, we will use a deployment and NFS as storage. This demo was created on Oracle Cloud (OCI), standard Kubernetes and NFS was use so the setup should work for any cloud deployment or on-prem.
More information on my github page here

Persistent volumes

Setup a NFS Server for your persistent volumes, howto here If you are using a public cloud provider you can most likely use dynamic storage options for PV.
In bellow examples I have a NFS Server on IP: The NFS exposes folder:
  • /var/nfs/pv099

Kubernetes configuration

You can look at configuration for kubernetes in yamls folder.
First we are creating a persistent volume and a persistant volume clame. We are specifying that this volume can only be accessed by one node (ReadWriteOnce) We are also specifying that we will use our NFS server for storage. More information on PV here.
After we have created the persistent volume we will create the MySQL deployment. First we create a service to expose our application on the network. Next we create the MySQL deployment using the resourses created earlier.
  1. Create a persisten volume (PV):
kubectl create -f yamls/01-mysql-pv.yaml
  1. Start MySQL using a deplyments (one MySQL Server using NFS PV)
kubectl create -f yamls/01-mysql-deployment.yaml

If you want to remove everything

kubectl delete -f yamls/01-mysql-deployment.yaml 
kubectl delete -f yamls/01-mysql-pv.yaml
Make sure everything is deleted:
kubectl get pv,pv
kubectl get all -o wide
Remember to also empty out the datadir on NFS between tests:
sudo rm -fr /var/nfs/pv099/*
ls /var/nfs/pv099/

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